Craftsmen Staffing is what our name describes. We staff craftsmen on various different projects with our clients ranging from various different skills and experience levels based on the need of our clients. We remain focused and concentrate on our clients in the industrial and construction industry. Our Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Recruiters and Corporate Management stay abreast of the industry, rates, skills, and demand for resources so that we can coordinate the best match between our employees and clients. Listed below are the primary positions that we place our employees on contract engagements with our clients. We access the true skills and experience of each candidate and price and pay accordingly.


-Lead teams of Mechanics and Helpers

-Possess Strong communication skills

-Understand importance of setting/following timelines as well as staying on schedule

-Responsible for holding Mechanics and Helpers on his/her crew accountable for production and attendance


-Strong Knowledge of NEC

-Be familiar with reading prints

-Wire/Terminate Devices

-Familiar with Low and High Voltage Systems

-Lighting Systems



-Run and Bend Conduit


-Bend Conduit

-Pull Wire


-Safety trained

-Possess hand tools

-Work in assistance as directed by Foreman


-Competent operator of Lull

-Maintain material on hand list

-Produce material order list

-Receive deliveries and organism

-Deliver materials from Conex to workers

-Daily inspection of Lull


-Familiar with safety requirements to be checked prior to trenching

-Ability to follow prints/diagrams

-Verify proper depth/width of all trenches created

-Properly mark off area if left open for any period of time

-Fill, smooth and pack down after filling trenches


-May perform these duties or other duties not listed.

-Clean, prepare and/or maintain job site to reduce/eliminate hazards

-Move equipment and/or materials

-Assist other trades of work as directed


-Experienced electricians

-Test and measure grounding systems

-Label, install and terminate electrical wiring

-Follow safety codes as well as manufacturer specs

-Configures, inspects and installs solar systems for customers